Resistors by Application
1 Power Supplies HVAC, OP, HIA, OF, HMV, HMVL, HEAL, RL, HFW, HCV
4 Inverters
5 Industrial Control Equipment HIA, OA, OP, OF, HEW, FRS, VHIA, HFW, HCV
6 TV’s HCP, BR
7 Kitchen Appliances HFA, HFP
8 Elevators HMV, HMVL, HCP
9 Automotive Alternators HIA, HAA
10 Automotive HVAC Resistors Special Tailor Made, to suit each particular application
11 Automotive Noise Suppressor Resistors for reducing RF (Radio Frequency) Interference. HANS
12 Automotive – Engine Cooling Special Tailor Made, to suit each particular application
13 Automotive – Electronic Windows Lift Application OF
14 Acoustic Equipment BR, HCP
15 Maritime Application – Beacon and Sounder HEA
16 Electronic Ignitors for Sodium Vapour Lamps used on Free Ways HEA
17 Plastic Bag Sealers HEA
18 DC to DC Converters HVAC, OP, OA, HIA, OF, HMV
19 The AVR – Voltage Regulator which is supplied with Diesel Generating Sets HIA
20 Energy Meters & Smart Meters HIA
21 Solar Powered Street Lights HIA
22 Water Purifiers HIA
23 Capacitor Discharge Resistors HSR/HSRC
24 Medical Equipments HIA, HIR, RSR
25 Control Unit in Power Tools OP, HEW, OF, OFSC & HHE
26 Public Address Systems HCA, HCP, HIP
27 Speaker Cross Over in Sound System HCA, HCL, HCP
28 Solar Energy Converter (Solar Inverter) OA, OP, HEW, OFSC
29 Set Top Box HIA, HAA
30 Textile Spinning Machinery HCP, HCA, HCW
31 Ultra Sonic Cleaning Machines HEA, HSVA, HSVAU
32 Ultra Sonic Plastic Welding Machines HEA, HSVA, HSVAU
33 Variable Frequency Drive OA, OP, HEW, OF
34 Washing Machine Controller HCP, HCA
35 Wind Energy Converter HFP
36 X-Ray Machine RSR
37 Inverter Welding Machine OF
38 Resistor for fitting on to Bi-Metallic Actuator Assembly, with connecting cables Special Tailor Made, to suit each particular application
39 Electronic Drive Systems, Electronic Frequency Convertors HSE, HHE, HRE, HBE, HEE, HEB, HTE, HOS
40 Current Sensing for Power Hybrid Applications HSE, HHE, HRE, HBE, HEE, HEB, HTE, HOS
41 Electronic Battery Management & Automotive Applications
requiring high current capability
42 Capacitor Discharge Ignition for Two Wheeler HCAL
43 Current Sense Application in DC Drive Motors RL
44 Switchgears HIA,HIR, VHIA
45 Cooking Appliances HCL
46 Power Supply Products for Telecom Equipments OP
47 LED Drive for Domestic Fans for very Low Power Consumption Tailor made or customized product
48 IGBT Modules EBM Shunt Series
49 Snubber Circuit HSV
50 Ignitor for Metal Halide Lamps VHIA
51 Signal input to Airplane control PCB VHIA
52 Traction Power Inverter Modules in Electric Vehicles HCL
53 Air Conditioning Applications HTA & HIA
54 Audio Amplifier HCA
55 Dehumidifiers HCL
56 Induction Furnace HMV, HIA
57 Induction Power Supplies for Heating equipments HMV,HIA
58 Traction Battery chargers OFSC, OF, HIA
59 LCR Filters HIA
60 Solar Charge Controllers, DC Energy Meters OFSC, RL, OA, OP
61 Automotive/Two wheeler Instrument Cluster HIA, HAA
62 Controller Card for Domestic Air conditioners HCA
63 BLDC Motor controller for HVAC Blower HSE, HTE
64 Fish Finder Device on Boats/Ships HIAS
65 Automatic Door System HMV, HIA
66 Infrared Sensor Switches FRS, HFW
67 360° High Precision Photography System HTA
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