The types and specifications given in this catalogue are general in nature and apply largely to our standard types and hence if the resistors are to be used in special applications or are to be used in areas that need extremely high reliability such as life maintenance equipment, atomic energy, aircrafts and manned satellites it would advisable that samples are procured from HTR and evaluated for suitability in real life conditions/simulation.
During soldering operations, care should be taken to keep recommended temperatures in mind and prevent unnecessary stress on the component, which can lead to discolouring , resistance change and opening , if it is subject to abnormally high temperatures for long time.
If the component is to be used in a circuit where pulse wave current (single/repetitive pulses) and surge current run, it is suggested that samples are obtained from HTR and tested in the circuit itself for their suitability. Please specifically mention the application and the pulse stresses that the resistor could be subject to while asking for samples. As a guide to the data required, please refer “Pulse / Surge Capability of Resistors” and in case a tailor-made pulse resistor is required, please refer to “Questionnaire of data required”.
When ambient temperatures exceed the rated ambient temperature, it is advisable that the resistor is utilized after proper derating as per the derating curve provided.
Under overload conditions, resistors are likely to emit flame/fire, gas/smoke; however flame retardant resistors under overload conditions emit smoke and even glow red hot under extreme overload conditions but do not emit fire / flame which even if it occurs, is extinguished within seconds due to the flame retardant properties of the coating / filling.


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