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Techno/Economic Comparison Between Silicon/Cement Coated Wire Wound Resistors And Ceramic Encased Resistors


Traditionally Wire Wound Resistors meant coated resistors of either silicon or vitreous enameled on a Ceramic body which was wound with resistance wire which was welded or soldered to the terminals and these types of resistors were termed as profession …


Comparison Between Silicone Coated & Vitreous Enamelled Wire Wound Resistors


The traditional method of encapsulating resistors through the vitreous enamelled route which was in vogue till about 30 years ago has now been largely replaced with Fire Retardant Silicon/Cement coating. It has now been observed in the market that apar …

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Ordering Information For Fusible Resistor


A fusible resistor is a tailor-made dual purpose component – In normal conditions it functions as resistor In high overload / fault conditions it acts as a fuse / safety device At HTR, we offer Customized Fusing solution as well as Safety version. For …

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Application / Design Notes for Current Sense Resistors


HTR offers a very wide range of Low Ohm resistors for Current Sensing applications as given below: 1. Open Frame Axial Style (OA Series) Vertical / PCB Mounting Style (OP Series) Vertical / PCB Mounting Style – Punched out, Monolithical construction (O …

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Pulse / Surge Capability of Resistors


Due to existing needs, many modern electronic circuits and apparatus experience transient pulses and surges. This in turn has led to the need to “design in” transient surge protection especially in circuits like motor controllers. When a motor starts, …

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Application / Design Notes on Selection of Wire Wound Resistors


BASICS Simply put, a resistor is an electronic component connected into an electrical circuit to insert a specific resistance. Resistance is measured in ohms and as per ohms law, the current through the resistor will be directly proportional to the vol …

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Guide to Optimum Utilisation & Mounting of Resistors


HTR’s reliability testing facility is fully alive to the fact that its work in assuring quality can only be judged successful if it is converted to customer assurance. Customer confidence will always be retained if the correct resistor is used in the w …

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