Use of Current Sense Resistors for Battery Management in Automotive Applications.

In automotive applications the requirement of electronic circuits for battery charge monitoring for the detection of the remaining battery level and over current protection has now seen a steep spike in demand with the recent proliferation of Hybrid and Electric vehicles.Typically these low ohm resistors are used in this applications for current sensing by connecting them in series with the load and the potential difference between both terminals is measured by an IC to determine the current flow. In recent years IC performance has improved substantially leading to vastly improved current detection accuracy by being able to measure even tiny potential differences.In order to exploit this feature, it necessitated the use of Ultra Low Ohmic Values which are capable of detecting large current with lower power consumption as compared to the resistive devices being used at present.Recent innovations have shown that Electron Beam Welded metal strip resistors offer Ultra Low Resistance values, enhanced Power Rating upto even 10 watts at negligible thermal dissipation as compared to thick film products .Being committed to being a partner to the automotive industry, HTR has introduced the following series to support the ever rising demand for this application and our ISO/TS 16949:2009 certification reinforces this commitment.

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